The Best Back-To-School Cars

When children reach a certain age they start to become image conscience; they will want to start wearing designer trainers, girls will start wearing make-up and styling their hair. They will also think that it’s cool to be picked up in a trendy new car.

I remember the time when I used to be picked up from school in an A-reg Ford Sierra, and all my friends were getting picked up in brand new ‘cool cars’. I think I actually started to get on the bus, or make sure my parents picked me up from the bottom of the hill. However, as soon as my parents upgraded to a brand new car I was suddenly proud to be picked up from the top of the hill.

These days there are far more attractive, trendy and affordable cars out there – so you don’t have to embarrass your children with a rusty old banger.

This list reviews some of the trendiest family vehicles around:

1) Citroen C4 Picasso – this MPV has to be one of the coolest MPV’s around at the moment. Its sleek lines and cool colours make it one of the hottest family vehicles. What makes this car so desirable is its affordability – it really does offer great value for money. The ‘panoramic’ windscreen is extended to make the cabin really airy – creating a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.
2) Vauxhall Meriva – The Meriva isn’t as stylish as the C4 Picasso, but it offers lots of practicality to cope with the varying needs of a busy family. A plus-point for the driver is that it is fun to drive – and the kids wont be embarrassed to be seen in it.
3) Ford S-Max – The S-Max is the trendy new MPV from Ford. It is also one of the best-handling cars in this sector, meaning it will offer the driver a decent drive. It isn’t as versatile as some of the other MPVs in this list so you will need to carefully consider your reasons for buying this MPV before you commit to it.
4) Ford Galaxy – now if you are after a ‘versatile’ and practical MPV that looks good you need look no further than Ford’s reliable Galaxy. The cabin is so spacious it could hold 7 adults – so comfort definitely isn’t an issue. The five-star NCAP safety rating also means that you can rest assured that you every effort has been taken to ensure optimum safety.

You can pick up some stylish MPVs for a great price to save embarrassing your children!

The Most Popular Toys in the Galaxy Are Action Figures?

The increasing popularity of action figures brings some great new products. Action figures have been very popular since the 1950’s. The first G.I. Joe action figure was created in the 50’s, and since then countless genres have been introduced. After the 1st G.I. Joe came to life, the hit sci-fi film Star Wars produced tons of figures from those great characters. Kenner had spawned some of the greatest collectible toy figures on the planet from the movie Star Wars.

The most popular size to collect is 7″, However other common sizes include 3″, 3 3/4″, 12″, and 18″. Most action figures are solid in weight and are made from vinyl or plastic. Another thing that makes these items collectible, is the accessories and extras that you receive included in the packaging. Clamshell, boxed, or carded are all methods of packaging that action figures come packaged in.

Lots of manufacturers to choose from. Here are a few: Jakks Pacific, NECA, McFarlane Toys, and Mezco Toyz. Jakks pacific specializes in licensing WWE wrestling figures. Both NECA & McFarlane Toys license many different films, TV shows, video games, sports, musicians, and tons more. One of McFarlane Toys specialties is licensing professional sports. They cover all pro sports including: NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL. There are many themes that behold the action figure universe. Themes such as The Dark Knight, Scarface, Terminator, Alien, Predator, and Planet of the Apes. While movie action figures are popular, licensed action figures from hit television shows are extremely popular as well. 24, Lost, The Simpson’s, The Girl’s Next Door, Futurama, South Park, and Family Guy all have quality figures made from characters of each of these shows.

There are people who purchase with intention of displaying them and there are those who collect them. Collecting action figures is a hobby for some, for others it is a collecting empire. If an action figure is rare or a limited number of them made, this raises their value. The condition of its packaging is also a determining factor of the value.

If you are looking to ride the action figure wave all the way to the top, toy conventions are a great way to check out the latest figures or to network and meet people. The American International Toy Fair, Comic-Con, and Wizard World are just some of the huge toy conventions that are held once a year across the country. These conventions are a great place to meet new people that share your same interest.

So, start collecting something new and exciting and welcome yourself to the wonderful world of action figures.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-Inch: An Unbeatable Christmas Gift 2011

What will you choose as a Christmas gift for your teenage girl this year? There are many options to choose start from cameras, tablets, game consoles and portable audios. Since tablets gain more popularity these days, it is a good idea to gift this item for your beloved teenage girl. Teenagers love to involve in the social media and tablet can be the best gadget to meet her need.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-Inch can be your ideal choice as it is listed as the best gadget 2011. This thin and light tablet offers a dual-core processor for maximum speed, stunning game graphics, crystal-clear video chats. To surf the web, you will be facilitated by the Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi, and Adobe Flash compatibility. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch using Android 3.1 Honeycomb as the operating system; it means that you have full access to over 200,000 Android Market applications.

Dual-Core Processor

This tablet is powered by a dual-core Tegra 2 processor to ensure that you get the maximum speed when watching videos, browsing Internet, or playing your favorite games. If you love to go online for hours, the Adobe Flash compatibility allows you to browse millions of web pages without restriction.

Light Body

This tablet weighs at 1.25 pounds with the dimensions 10.1×6.9×0.34 inches (HxWxD). The light and sleek body enables you to grip the tablet comfortably especially when you are on the go.

Full Customization

As I mentioned earlier, this tablet features Android 3.1 Honeycomb for the OS. This OS enables you to get access to more than 200,000 applications with an easy click. Choose the applications you like and customize your tablet to meet your entertainment needs.


The amazing OS in Samsung Galaxy Tab allows you to perform multitasking with no hassle. Opening up to 5 screens at the same time is possible with the help of the multiscreen scrolling. The browser also comes with improvements namely private browsing, tabbed pages and form-auto fill.

Integrated Google Services

The Android 3.1 also offers Google services that you can access using apps in your tablet. The Galaxy Tab’s built-in GPS combined with Google Maps will help you get directions easily. Your access to YouTube will be easier as well. The mobile YouTube app gives you easy access to watch videos on the tablet.


Users can find 3-megapixel camera for taking pictures and recording 720p videos. A 2-megapixel front-facing camera is also available to facilitate your Google Talk video chat.


This sleek tablet is designed to be compatible with major media formats. No matter what your file formats are, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is always able to view your files properly.