Cheap Ford Galaxy – Perfect If You’re Visiting a Fortune Teller

I have a few irrational fears: spiders, which counts me out of “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!” when I’m a z-list celebrity, hospitals, even when I’m just visiting someone and finally carnival folk. On the latter, I have no doubt that the majority of carnival folk have skills that merit being able to travel from country to country performing to packed big tops, it’s just the ‘kooky’ nature that makes me feel uneasy and their games where you can win “A Cheap Ford!” but never do. As for clowns, well they’re just damn scary aren’t they?

What possessed me then to not only go to a carnival last week but to join in and ‘have fun’ I’ll never know. Needless to say I went with a wallet stuffed full of cash and left empty handed and with the lightest wallet known to man. Before I left though I went to see a fortune teller. Now you don’t have to be a regular reader of my articles to know that I don’t like being told when things are going to happen, I’m laidback and let things take their course. The fortune teller was very authentic though with her tent complete with Homebase table and chairs, Carpet Right rugs and crystal ball that I’m sure I saw in Toys R Us.

No matter, I crossed her palm with silver and let her have a feel of my hand. It was at that moment I realised that I had awfully dry and chapped hands for a man of my age and I really should buy some moisturiser. No matter, she continued unabated and told me what life had in store for me. Currently I am single, have a good job, slow car which looks fast and a loving family. Life therefore is pretty good, although nothing a Lamborghini Gallardo and Olga Kurylenko wouldn’t improve.

The fortune teller unfortunately didn’t advise that Italian metal or the latest bond girl would be arriving on my doorstep but she does reckon 2009 will not only be the year I find love but will have the first of a load of kids too. Blimey. Well if when I’m deep into December 2009 and I’m clutching a baby whilst I write this I’ll give her credit, but it did make me think what if I had a large family and had to choose a car to fit them all in.

Obviously the days of the sleek two door coupe will be gone and I’ll be into MPV territory. There are a number to choose from but my personal favourite has to be a cheap Ford Galaxy. Don’t be put off by me writing ‘cheap’ it’s just you get so much top quality metal for your buck with a Ford you’d be ill-advised to go elsewhere.

The Galaxy is available with either a 2 litre petrol engine or the diesel route which offers 1.8 or 2 litre derivatives. Personally the 2 litre diesel would be my choice, with a frugal 43.4mpg and because the latest Galaxy is surprising light (well compared to an Elephant) the 140bhp gives a top speed of 119mph and a nippy 9.9 seconds to 60mph from standing.

Of course practicality is priority one when buying an MPV and Ford boast there are 31 cubby-holes in the Galaxy. I didn’t have time to count them all when I was in the car but I’ll take their word for it – there’s a lot. There’s seating for seven as is de rigueur for any self respecting MPV, with the rear two seats offering ample room for a six-footer like me despite being in the boot.

The best news for me and Olga when we’re carting the kids to football and school is that despite the Galaxy being a large seven seater, it drives superbly. The windy roads I took the car on have tested others that are meant to be sporty to their limits. With the Galaxy it took the bends in its stride with minimal body roll.

My only minor criticism is that Ford claim that to drive the Galaxy is to “travel first class”. I’ve not experienced first class as much as I’d like but I know that when I flew to Chicago in first or travelled to London in the posh bit there certainly wasn’t a diesel rattle in front of me.

So there you have it – the best car for me and Olga Kurylenko is a cheap Ford Galaxy. Put the kettle on love I’m famished.