Foreign Women Appear Unique But Are They Really Any Different From the Girls You Meet Now?

Women are women no matter what city, country, continent or galaxy they are from. All of them will reflect their childhood upbringing and social environment. Some are way crazier and less bearable than others while others are as pure and virgin as a baby’s soul.

They all have hormones, they all have mood swings, they all get jealous (to varying degrees of course), they all get emotional, and they all have a lunar cycle for about 7 days out of each month.

They are all born with breasts, bottoms and legs. All the well balanced ones deep down inside enjoy soft cuddly things, no matter how bitter they act on the outside.

So Why Go Anywhere Beyond Your Own City To Find The Right Woman?

Men go to foreign countries searching for a soul mate because the greater percentage of foreign women have their thoughts in a place closer to theirs. Quality girls do live in the United States, England and Canada, but they are usually already married.

With free video, chat and free calls over the Internet, international dating is on the rise. Today’s technology makes it easier and cheaper to date women who live thousands of miles away.

In the developed nations women are being programmed to accept their family as second to a profession. While foreign women live to see their family grow stronger and healthier.

They work and study, and volunteer, and have dreams they make happen yet through it all they still remain the center of their family while remembering how to be a woman.

This divine feminine art is all but extinguished in the greater part of the “first world”.

So what happened in the Industrial Nations?

Why Are Excellent Women In Your Country A Rare Diamond To Be Found?

The really big reason, you don’t want to know and chances are you would not want to believe it even if you heard it. Suffice it to say there is an organized attack (and there has been for sometime now) against the Woman and her divine spirit.

But this article is not about that, so we will go with the second reason why women in “advanced” countries are being lost by the 1000’s everyday.

We men, to a large degree, have allowed it to be so. Phallic driven testosterone induced power struggles have launched a fury of madness forcing an entire species to erase their softness, warmth, caring nature and womanly love.

In truth this crazy march led by the men of the Industrial World has only created division, competition, more soldiers to fill body bags, population control and more incomes to tax.

It in no way has brought forth equality and it certainly has not made families closer.

Women are becoming Frankenstein versions of men. While men continue to ignore the needs and power of women.

When you travel to new territories you will be exposed to real women, probably for the first time in your life. Do Not Believe The Hype which tries to convince you foreign women will sit at attention waiting to make your every wish their command.

Foreign women are very much in touch with feminism and their individual God given rights. They have elevated themselves to the next level without wasting energy, spitting venom or loathing in hate. They recognize their feminine sexiness and all the power it entails.

There are women at all levels on the international stage, including heads of state and C.E.O’s of Fortune 500 companies along with countless profiles of enormous wealth and influence.

Do not eat the poop-cones scooped out by most marriage agencies to unsuspecting foreign romance seekers that foreign women live in a black hole with no dreams of their own.

If you really want to succeed with foreign women you need to know they have wants needs and desires just like all women. They will demand a great deal of your time. However their passion is worth every effort because what they desire most is to make you happy. But you have to be the right type of guy in the right type of mindset.