Galaxy Tab Case

Since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, a myriad of case vendors have churned out cases for the tablet. However, only a few of them really do the job of keeping your device look good and secure. Before I tell you the best case for the Galaxy Tab, let’s see what type of cases are out there.

Neoprene Case

If you want just basic protection for your Galaxy Tab, then you should invest in a Neoprene case. They are cheap and provide adequate protection to the Tab. Neoprene, however, only provides little bump protection.

Leather Folio Case

Second on my list are the leather folio cases. These cases look very professional, functional and provide a touch of class to your device. Normally, these cases feature four corner tabs that hold the device securely so that it does not slip out of the case. Keep in mind that the folio cases are more expensive and heavier than the Neoprene cases.

Memory Foam Case

If you happen to be a clumsy person and love tossing your Galaxy Tab around, consider getting yourself a case that features memory foam. It will make you feel as if your device is placed in a stationary box. These cases also provide pockets for charger and cables.

Couple of Cases that I have used personally

First one is the Griffin Elan Passport case. The company behind this case is well known for its Apple accessories. This case, sized for Galaxy Tab is a folio-style case that can hold the tablet and few credit cards as well. Unsurprisingly, it adds a little bit of thickness too to the Tab. It measures around an inch with the device inside.

The only logo you will find on the case is the obvious Griffin’s logo located in the bottom left corner. The case is held shut with a strap and loop arrangement. It has a light grey micro-suede interior that is soft enough to rub up with your Tab. You will find two slots inside and cut out for the credit cards. The device itself is held in its place with 4 hooks located on the corners. Unfortunately, the speaker holes are partially covered and they do muffle the sound a bit. That said, the case does a charming job in keeping the device in its place.

Another thing that can be rectified in its future versions is a cut out for the rear camera. Now, I am not the type of girl who takes a lot of pictures with her mobile device and so, it does not bothers me much.

Second one is by Scosche. This company is very exited about the Galaxy Tab and has churned out multitude accessories already. The newest one is FoldIO gt1, a folio style case with foldable design with suede interiors. The case can be used in not one, but three landscape positions. FoldIO is available in two colors (black and white). It costs 45 dollars and certainly does a decent job in protecting your device.