How to Turn a Girl on Through Text – I’m Sure That You Don’t Know It

There are several techniques and tips that you should familiarize yourself when you wish to learn how to turn a girl on through text.

It is not advisable to be direct, gross or lewd. Instead you should be playful, send her funny text messages that are short and cute and avoid lengthy messages.

Flirt with her through text messages

Girls appreciate banter and sexual innuendos if they are not overly dirty. Ponder over the text before you send it and ensure that it will bring a direct response. Pose questions that require an answer from her.

Flatter her and pay her compliments that will make her feel special. Let her know that she has captured your heart and that you are keen on going out on that date with her. Try to learn more about her hobbies, interests and the type of person she is.

If she turns to you for help or expresses a desire to share a problem with you, make sure to lend her your shoulder and fix up a time and place when you could discuss the same over a cup of coffee.

You should also add that you are willing to drop other plans for that day to be there for her.

Perfect timing is essential

Timing is very important when you are attracted to a girl you have just met. Once you have exchanged numbers, send her a text message recalling the meeting and refer to an incident or joke that you shared.

This will easily help her to recollect the meeting and if your message is saucy and clever, you should be able to make her smile and respond to your message.

Do a little research on your own and then scour online for romantic text messages that are bound to arouse her curiosity and interest. Do not send text messages that make you sound desperate, a loner or a creep.

You could probably send her a text message that she will read when she awakes or retires for the night. Let her know that she was your waking thought or your last thought for the day.

Boost her ego with compliments and flattery

Send her complimentary messages with a flower or a beautiful picture that you particularly like and ask her to let you know if she liked the same.

Surprise her by asking her what she was wearing, the color and the style. She should feel a stirring in her heart when she reads your text messages and feel bold enough to send you a reply.

Send her a text message on a starlit night and ask her to look at a particular star that you felt reminded you of her.

Send her a text message telling her that you heard that sex was better on a starlit night? Follow this by admiring the many stars in galaxy that were out tonight.

Subtle innuendos that evoke a response will give you an idea of her feelings concerning you. Look online and you will find several magnetic messages that you can use to charm the girl you wish to date.

Select emoticons, memes and other representations that depict your mood. Use punctuation marks and images that are relevant to your present mood and situation.

These types of emoticons convey much more in spite of being brief. You can download them from Facebook and other popular sites that encourage chats when you wish to learn how to turn a girl on through text.