Why Guys Have “Better” Friendships?

Here’s a weird thing I’ve noticed. Boys – although not the chitty chat type – can make better friendships than girls. But how?? Notice I said better…not more. A boy can have like 2 or 3 guys who mean the world to him, even after a short time. But with girls, it takes ages to know a person well enough and count her in. I can’t really be sure why that happens, but I can guess

1-Gossip: Girls are captivated by gossip. As much as it brings friends close, it brings enemies closer. A leaked gossip is more deadly than it sounds and can destroy an early friendship for good. An even if things get along fine with an apology and “I didn’t mean to say that”, it is still pretty much carved in a girl’s memory that someone was bad-mouthing her, even if it was as silly as “Her earrings don’t match her blouse”!

Gossip is there, and it’s always going to be. So let’s just try to keep our mouths a little more “shut”. No bad-mouthing, No gossip-leaking and No big deal. Even if you did hear someone saying something bad about you, use your head. Don’t just break a friendship over something as silly as your style or your music taste, talk to the girl if she said something major and find out if this friendship can go on and whether the issue can be peacefully resolved.

2-Sensitivity: Nobody’s perfect. Everyone is likely to be hurt by a friend one way or the other, that’s life. But the problem with some girls is although they perfectly understand and approve of this fact, they cannot take it when that happens. Every mistake is a major mistake that shakes the grounds of friendships, especially within groups. In groups, all girls are the same at first, but as life goes on, trouble brews and each girl tends to make a big deal out of every issue that eventually turns early friends or friends-to-be into enemies.

Don’t be a drama queen for God’s sake! If you believe all our relations with each other is all smiles and sunshine, then you’re either naïve or from another galaxy. In both cases, lighten up. I know we all tend to get angry over problems, and I’m no exception. It’s all about handling matters more quietly once you’ve cooled off. Open your heart and give your friends another chance. Apologize with a heart-warming smile, and more importantly, with the deep desire to go on with this friendship like nothing has ever happened.

3-Competition: Some girls get too competitive when it comes to other girls. A girl may not want to be friends with someone smarter, more beautiful or more popular. Some girls have this crazy idea that a having better girl for a best friend “masks” your good qualities and make them magically invisible to others, when actually, you can learn a lot from a friends and you sure have a lot to teach her, which takes me to my next point…

No girl is identical to the other and each of us has that special thing that gives her an identity, so definitely people see in a girl what she can’t see in herself, especially if she is haunted by the ghost of comparison. So don’t go around analyzing people like you’re a robot, just live the moment and enjoy your friendships, they’re priceless.

4- Differences: We know that variety is the nature of humans since the dawn of time. So it is absurd to try and find that friend who’s just like you. Some people find friends who are….let’s say…”close enough”. In such a case people tend to overlook minor differences and happily get along. But the problem arises when differences are just a little too big to handle. We sometimes hear stuff from “She hates the way I dress” and “She listens to metal” to “She’s too angry” or “She thinks she’s the boss of me”

Learn to accept your friends for whom they are. That doesn’t mean you just have to “deal with it” nor does this oblige you to be friends with people you don’t get along with. Just accept and love your friends. Major differences can kick a girl out of your “Green light list” (Don’t search for that on Google, I just made it up ) but it doesn’t kick her out of your life. Treat a different girl like a tourist…nicely although you come from two different worlds. Being nice to people who know they are different from you will make them deeply appreciate your tolerance and eventually could bring you closer, and if not, will make them treat you with the same loving attitude you showed them.

5-Distance: Now that’s the real wrecker, it drifts people apart like a hurricane. Last year my best friend Dina immigrated to Canada. Of course those SMSs and e-mails were there, but her killer college barely gave her time to eat! So I got answers after I already forgot I sent that mail. Friends tend to come and go, even within the same country, but it’s just not the same anymore is it?? Once you leave school, college friends take over, once you leave college, co-workers take over…And it goes on…

As much as distance takes away many joyful moments that you could have spent with your friend, having a solid bond from the start can make you still be as close as ever. Nowadays, we have all types of communications, and let me tell you a little secret….it’s all about sharing. If you exchange news with that best friend who’s away, both of you will be dying to know what goes in each other’s lives, just as if you live next door.

6- Boys: Whether it’s the new boyfriend, the fiancée or even the husband, boys tend to take up our time. There’s always this time they take from us with all the phone calls, outings, visits, housewife chores…whatever. There’s a lot a girl tends to do for her partner, even if he does more for her…a lot of time they spend talking, even if she’s the chatty one. It all just takes up time and attention that friends are lucky if they have some time to get together or talk or go shopping.

In every relationship, you get to have some “Me” time. It’s not only a fact of life, in fact it helps defend you relationship against boredom, so the trick is to wisely use this “Me” time. If all you do on your “Me” time is go to a spa, get a manicure or buy new shoes, you’re most likely to end up alone and miserable (No offense, boys…I know you guys make good company too!) The thing is to make some time to listen to your friends, whether they have problems or just want to chat. Another smart idea is to engage your friends in your favorite activities. Go on a picnic together, search together for that awesome place for your other friends’ surprise party. Just do stuff together, whatever you like.

So start now, connect to old friends, (Facebook isn’t just for games and videos) make new ones and show everyone you care. Make a list of your activities and see who would like to share what…and you’ll see the difference:)

Valentines Mobile Gift – Pink Samsung Galaxy S2 or Pink Nokia Lumia 800?

Valentines day is just around the corner and two mobile phone manufacturers have just launched two new pink smart phones just in time, Samsung have released their Galaxy S2 in pink whilst the pink Nokia Lumia 800 has also now hit the market.

So which of these new pink phones should you buy for your pink gadget loving girl?

Samsung Galaxy S2 Pink

The new pink edition Galaxy S2 offers exactly the same high-end features found in the first black version plus the recently released white Samsung Galaxy S2 model, this means a very fast 1.2GHz dual core processor, an 8 mega pixel camera with 1080p full HD video support, Android 2.3 operating system and an amazing Super AMOLED Plus touch screen measuring 4.3 inches.

Nokia Lumia 800 Pink

The latest pink colour scheme of the Lumia 800 also replicates the features from the phones in the rest of the Nokia Lumia 800 range, this includes a speedy 1.4GHz processor, an 8 mega pixel camera that can capture 720p HD video, the new Windows Phone 7.5 operating software and a 3.7 inch Super AMOLED curved touch screen display with ClearBlack technology.

If this was purely down to features then the pink Samsung Galaxy S2 would definitely win the day but we need to look at price, exact colour and operating systems before making the final decision, the pink Nokia Lumia 800 is cheaper with a pay monthly contract deal with offers for a free phone starting from just £18.50 per month.

Deals for a free Galaxy S2 in pink start from £21.50 per month which works out to an extra £72 over the minimum 24 month contract period.

When it comes to the actual colour of these two phones the Nokia wins out with a much nicer hue of pink, the Galaxy S2 is a deeper, duller colouring which may not appeal to as many female consumers, the design of the phones is also important and although the Samsung model is slimmer with a bigger screen and better technology the Nokia Lumia phone does look a little more stylish.

Now for the operating systems, the Android 2.3 of the Galaxy S2 uses an icon based platform which is now very well-known and also found on the iOS5 of the iPhone 4S, the new Lumia 800 running the Windows Phone 7.5 software looks and feels a lot more modern and uses ’tiles’ throughout the menu system.

Although new to the market, the Windows Phone system does seem to almost interact with you as opposed to hiding things away for you to find, this said, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been promised the update to the new Android 4.0 OS soon which is only currently available inside the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

So overall, if it’s technology, speed and a larger screen that you are after then the extra price of the pink Galaxy S2 shouldn’t put you off, however for those looking for something a little different which oozes style on a budget then the pink Nokia Lumia 800 ticks these boxes.

Cool Wii Games For Girls – Select the Best

If we talk about video games, the first thing which comes to our mind is boys, because they are generally boys who stick to video games all the time. However, nowadays that is not true. There are several cool girl games and small female kids are finding it extremely enjoyable to play and have fun. One such popular video games console was Wii, launched by the popular game developed Nintendo. This is the seventh generation Nintendo Wii games console and is believed to be tougher as compared to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and other popular PlayStations like Sony’s.

The fact that is making this game so popular among kind and adult is the wireless controller and 3 – D motion detector which is really cool and can attract anyone. Now let us see some of the popular and cool Wii games for girls: Super Mario Galaxy Mario has always been a popular video games character for girls and is counted in the top 10 Wii games ever produced by Nintendo.

The background story is that the super hero Mario invades the galaxy for the salvage mission of Princess Peach. This game has gained so much popularity among girls, that Super Mario Galaxy has been awarded the British Academy of Film and TV arts award. The game is really cool and the graphics is also nice. Especially with all the stars and planets in your way, it will be thrilling experience of play. The game costs around $46.99 only and can be played simultaneously by one or two players. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight princess The teen rating of this one is pretty good and can be played by girls who are 13 years or above. The twilight princess is the 13th part of the Legend of Zelda series and has superb graphics as well as motion control.

The game is based on high action and adventure and the background story revolves around Link, who is a hero trying to rescue Hyrule and Midna, who is a mystifying character who is helping Link in his venture. Littlest Pet shop If you are looking for Wii games for girls aging nearly of 4 years then, this game is the best option. This is a simple and cool game which is based on performing simple tasks like gathering your loving pets and then making then dress and then arrange parties and stuff like these. You might also collect pet playsets and have some meetings with your pets. For collecting these pets, user needs to earn some Kibble coins which can be obtained after performing some simple tasks successfully. Some other popular Wii games for girls: Some other popular games include Mario Party 8, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Disney princess: Enchanted Journey, Trauma centre: Second Opinion, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Dance Revolution Disney Grooves, Big Brain academy: Wii Degree, Dora the Explorer, where The Snow Princess is getting saved by Dora and many more. So these are the lists of some interesting Will games for girls. Buy these now and have lots of fun.