The Best Back-To-School Cars

When children reach a certain age they start to become image conscience; they will want to start wearing designer trainers, girls will start wearing make-up and styling their hair. They will also think that it’s cool to be picked up in a trendy new car.

I remember the time when I used to be picked up from school in an A-reg Ford Sierra, and all my friends were getting picked up in brand new ‘cool cars’. I think I actually started to get on the bus, or make sure my parents picked me up from the bottom of the hill. However, as soon as my parents upgraded to a brand new car I was suddenly proud to be picked up from the top of the hill.

These days there are far more attractive, trendy and affordable cars out there – so you don’t have to embarrass your children with a rusty old banger.

This list reviews some of the trendiest family vehicles around:

1) Citroen C4 Picasso – this MPV has to be one of the coolest MPV’s around at the moment. Its sleek lines and cool colours make it one of the hottest family vehicles. What makes this car so desirable is its affordability – it really does offer great value for money. The ‘panoramic’ windscreen is extended to make the cabin really airy – creating a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.
2) Vauxhall Meriva – The Meriva isn’t as stylish as the C4 Picasso, but it offers lots of practicality to cope with the varying needs of a busy family. A plus-point for the driver is that it is fun to drive – and the kids wont be embarrassed to be seen in it.
3) Ford S-Max – The S-Max is the trendy new MPV from Ford. It is also one of the best-handling cars in this sector, meaning it will offer the driver a decent drive. It isn’t as versatile as some of the other MPVs in this list so you will need to carefully consider your reasons for buying this MPV before you commit to it.
4) Ford Galaxy – now if you are after a ‘versatile’ and practical MPV that looks good you need look no further than Ford’s reliable Galaxy. The cabin is so spacious it could hold 7 adults – so comfort definitely isn’t an issue. The five-star NCAP safety rating also means that you can rest assured that you every effort has been taken to ensure optimum safety.

You can pick up some stylish MPVs for a great price to save embarrassing your children!