Valentines Mobile Gift – Pink Samsung Galaxy S2 or Pink Nokia Lumia 800?

Valentines day is just around the corner and two mobile phone manufacturers have just launched two new pink smart phones just in time, Samsung have released their Galaxy S2 in pink whilst the pink Nokia Lumia 800 has also now hit the market.

So which of these new pink phones should you buy for your pink gadget loving girl?

Samsung Galaxy S2 Pink

The new pink edition Galaxy S2 offers exactly the same high-end features found in the first black version plus the recently released white Samsung Galaxy S2 model, this means a very fast 1.2GHz dual core processor, an 8 mega pixel camera with 1080p full HD video support, Android 2.3 operating system and an amazing Super AMOLED Plus touch screen measuring 4.3 inches.

Nokia Lumia 800 Pink

The latest pink colour scheme of the Lumia 800 also replicates the features from the phones in the rest of the Nokia Lumia 800 range, this includes a speedy 1.4GHz processor, an 8 mega pixel camera that can capture 720p HD video, the new Windows Phone 7.5 operating software and a 3.7 inch Super AMOLED curved touch screen display with ClearBlack technology.

If this was purely down to features then the pink Samsung Galaxy S2 would definitely win the day but we need to look at price, exact colour and operating systems before making the final decision, the pink Nokia Lumia 800 is cheaper with a pay monthly contract deal with offers for a free phone starting from just £18.50 per month.

Deals for a free Galaxy S2 in pink start from £21.50 per month which works out to an extra £72 over the minimum 24 month contract period.

When it comes to the actual colour of these two phones the Nokia wins out with a much nicer hue of pink, the Galaxy S2 is a deeper, duller colouring which may not appeal to as many female consumers, the design of the phones is also important and although the Samsung model is slimmer with a bigger screen and better technology the Nokia Lumia phone does look a little more stylish.

Now for the operating systems, the Android 2.3 of the Galaxy S2 uses an icon based platform which is now very well-known and also found on the iOS5 of the iPhone 4S, the new Lumia 800 running the Windows Phone 7.5 software looks and feels a lot more modern and uses ’tiles’ throughout the menu system.

Although new to the market, the Windows Phone system does seem to almost interact with you as opposed to hiding things away for you to find, this said, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been promised the update to the new Android 4.0 OS soon which is only currently available inside the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

So overall, if it’s technology, speed and a larger screen that you are after then the extra price of the pink Galaxy S2 shouldn’t put you off, however for those looking for something a little different which oozes style on a budget then the pink Nokia Lumia 800 ticks these boxes.